The number of flu cases increases in Picardy

The number of flu cases increases in Picardy

If it’s not a matter of days, it could be a matter of weeks. A flu epidemic is expected in Picardy. It’s earlier than usual as the vaccination doesn’t draw crowds. In the Somme, the rate of people vaccinated against the flu has dropped compared to last year.

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Vaccination shunned

The Council of the Order of Pharmacists of the Somme indicates that patients at risk are being vaccinated less this year, minus 20% compared to 2021 and minus 15% for the rest of the population. The department has roughly the same rates as at the national level.

There is a relaxation since last year with the pandemic, the population realized that vaccination against the flu was importantobserves Antoine Fauquet, adviser to the Order of Pharmacists of the Somme. This year, everyone is tired of getting vaccinated.” That’s something to worry about health professionals, “the flu arrives relatively early this year and it would be more virulent.”

“You have to get vaccinated. […] right away”

This year, it’s the winning combo to have a big epidemic this winter and with the covid which is always present, it’s really not the timespecifies Antoine Fauquet. That’s why you have to get vaccinated now, right now.” It takes on average allow 10 to 15 days for the vaccine to take effect.

According to S
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the emergency room visit rate for flu in Picardy is on the rise especially for 15-64 year olds. With part of Normandy, eastern France and some southern departments, it is in Picardy that the most hospital visits due to the virus are recorded.

SOS Médecins also recorded a peak in consultations for seniors aged over 65. In recent days, out of 10,000 medical acts, nearly 400 relate to the flu.

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