the observe of the deregulation of the immune response

the observe of the deregulation of the immune response

NETs and autoantibodies

The researchers relied particularly on the outcomes of earlier work, exhibiting that in sufferers with extreme types of Covid-19, “the formation of NETs is (…) amplified”. What’s it about ? From “neutrophil extracellular traps” which is translated as “neutrophil extracellular traps”. This protection mechanism is able to trapping and destroying extracellular pathogens similar to viruses, but in addition, in some circumstances, “triggering extreme irritation, which is dangerous to the physique”.

Are these NETs nonetheless current within the physique a number of months after an infection with SARS-CoV-2? Sure, reply the researchers, who analyzed the post-acute an infection assessments of greater than 100 Covid sufferers, carried out not less than six months after their launch from the crucial care unit. The scientists additionally famous the persistence of auto-antibodies produced by the immune system, and related to the “irregular formation of clots within the veins (phlebitis) and within the arteries (arterial thrombosis)”.

Thus, conclude the researchers, “the amplified and uncontrolled manufacturing of NETs six months after an infection in addition to the persistent presence of autoantibodies might partly clarify the signs of lengthy Covid, particularly through the formation of micro-thromboses”. This observe of the dysregulation of the immune response should nonetheless be confirmed by different analysis. Work is already underway.

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