The pandemic is not totally behind us, warns PHAC

The pandemic is not totally behind us, warns PHAC

The COVID-19 pandemic is not completely behind us, especially as the “Kraken” variant continues to gain ground in the country, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) said on Friday.

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During a morning press briefing, PHAC deputy chief administrator Dr. hospitalization and infection rates are still high” right now in Canada.

The hospital system is still congested in many provinces, even if in Quebec the figures from the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ) show a major drop in the three respiratory infections that have characterized the last few months: COVID-19 , influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

While COVID-19 infections fluctuate in Canada, influenza and RSV infection rates have returned to their seasonal norm.

Dr. Theresa Tam and Dr. Njoo continued to suggest that Canadians receive their second COVID-19 booster shot if it has been more than six months since the last dose they received.

These echoed members of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), who released new recommendations on Friday.

Despite the thaw, the “Kraken” variant, with its scientific name XBB.1.5, continues to grow in the country and could cause surprise in the coming months.

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