the price of AirPods Pro drops unexpectedly at this e-merchant!

the price of AirPods Pro drops unexpectedly at this e-merchant!

Save over €60 on AirPods Pro with Fnac

Save over €60 on AirPods Pro with Fnac – Fnac

With AirPods Pro, enjoy exceptional sound quality

Once you’ve tried them, you won’t be without AirPods Pro. They have many strengths. They are discreet, comfortableand above all, they give you a exceptional sound quality thanks to the combined actions of an exclusive loudspeaker, a dynamic range amplifier and one H1 chip. AirPods Pro adapt to your needs with 2 listening modes. the active noise reduction mode will come to block ambient noise to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the music you listen to. Do you need to listen to outside noises? In this case, you just have to activate the transparency mode. AirPods Pro have a pressure sensor. It allows you to switch very easily from one mode to another. It also lets you change music, raise or lower the volume, and take a call. Apple has thought about your comfort. AirPods Pro are delivered with 3 sizes of silicone tip (small, medium and large), to adapt perfectly to all types of ears. AirPods Pro will never let you down!

Where to find the AirPods Pro at the best price?

With their autonomy 4.5 hours without intermediate recharge and of more than 24 hours with several charges in their MagSafe charging boxAirPods Pro promise hours of non-stop music. Their retail price is €279. Fnac Belgium currently offers them to you at 216 €, i.e. 63 € in savings. Enjoy it quickly! In addition, Fnac Belgium offers you the quick delivery.

Click here to buy the AirPods Pro at 216 € with Fnac

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