the scheduled crawl space will end on January 15

the scheduled crawl space will end on January 15

1 The ambition of the Adour plan

Devastated by the avian influenza virus which culminated last winter in the slaughter of 21 million animals, the waterfowl and poultry sectors (via the Cifog and Anvol interprofessions) united around a strategy of fight. Strategy called “Adour Plan”, complementing the “biosecurity” arsenal erected on the farms and which had not been enough to stop the “enemy”.

The plan provided for from December 15, 2022 to January 15, 2023, a preventive and synchronized sanitary vacuum in the densest breeding areas. Or for waterfowl reared in a single flock, in 68 municipalities in the Landes, Gers and Pyrénées-Atlantiques. For poultry, there was a 40% drop in stocking density in 20 municipalities. Such an operation was to generate a shortfall in production of 500,000 ducks and 600,000 chickens in the Southwest, or some 12 million euros in production and processing losses for companies.

2 The exit from the crawl space

“The strategy allowed professionals to avoid having to face the disaster scenario of the past year. No preventive slaughter or depopulation without recovery”, welcomes Marie-Pierre Pé, general manager of Cifog (interprofession of foie gras). For waterfowl, the measure concerned 80 breeders and 40 fatteners.

And now ? “We are collectively looking at how the return to production will take place. It will be necessary to avoid, for example, massive resets in areas where the danger is present”, in other words as close as possible to the last outbreaks detected in the Gers, in particular. Because the virus circulates, as evidenced by the mortality in wildlife. It should be remembered that farms in the South-West have been spared for the moment apart from one case detected in Léon (40). The repositioning of the animals will be gradual: “it took six weeks to reach the vacuum, it takes six to go back up to the load” specifies Marie-Pierre Pé.

the scheduled crawl space will end on January 15
70% of the South West’s supply of ducklings comes from the Pays de Loire.

Pascal Bats/“SudOuest”

3 Fever in Pays de Loire

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