The uncooked or cooked egg is the champion of protein consumption

The uncooked or cooked egg is the champion of protein consumption

However the place can this dangerous fame of the egg come from, and this, for many years? Maybe butter or oil that we use to prepare dinner them which crush the caloric word and weigh on our liver? Possibly the mayonnaise that we placed on our hard-boiled eggs (and that we do not digest?) or their freshness? It is time to re-establish some truths about this extremely qualitative meals.

As a result of the egg accommodates nearly all of the dietary contributions important to the right functioning of our physique (besides Vit C). It performs a necessary function in imaginative and prescient, particularly at evening, participates within the progress of the skeleton, boosts the immune system and promotes the absorption of iron.

It is usually an incredible supply of selenium, phosphorus and due to this fact nutritionally rivals fish.

Whether or not soft-boiled, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, in an omelet, scrambled, fried or in a casserole, the egg is a treasured ally of our well being.

However for it to be a “pleasant” meals, it’s important to observe just a few guidelines reminiscent of not washing its shell, guaranteeing its freshness (to keep away from any poisoning) and favoring eggs from free-range or natural hens.

Clémence Fouillade dietitian nutritionist, solutions our questions.

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