The US Army wanted to use Call of Duty to recruit

The US Army wanted to use Call of Duty to recruit

We can say that the United States army does not hesitate to consider all the options at its disposal to maximize its recruitment possibilities… even if it means inviting itself into the world of video games!

Photo: Activision

Internal documents, obtained by Motherboard, have revealed that several million have been reserved in the army budget in order to join more easily. among others, the next generation that is part of Generation Z.


By using these funds to sponsor streamers well in sight, who plays Call of Duty or, even, events on Twitch and tournaments!

The project, which did not go forward, was advanced enough that in the documents, we find marketing strategies with influencers on Twitch to create original content, with CoD. We could have seen them develop, in game situations, skills that are also developed in the American army.

A good way to reach a new audience? We can say that the project had the merit of thinking outside the box for the army!

Why didn’t it all come to fruition? Simply because, when allegations of sexual harassment in the offices of Activision surfaced, it cooled the ardor of the army.

All of this demonstrates one thing: more and more, the video game industry is taken seriously, to the point where it is considered for large-scale projects of this kind.

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