the way to reside every day with the illness?

the way to reside every day with the illness?


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A. Chopin, F. Simoes, L. Michel -France 3

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The 19/20 from France 3 went to satisfy Didier. The 59-year-old man suffers from Alzheimer’s illness and explains his every day life.

Didier remains to be in a position to put together his breakfast on his personal. Nevertheless, at 59, every little thing takes for much longer than earlier than. His gestures are hesitant and he generally forgets issues. Challenge supervisor on the SNCF, he managed initiatives, led conferences, till the primary signs of Alzheimer’s confirmed up and compelled him to cease. “I spotted that I used to be searching for my phrases and that I used to be making errors”explains Didier.

The battle in opposition to the illness is hard. Thrice every week, he will get on his bike to go to the speech therapist. He nonetheless masters the ten-minute journey from his residence to the practitioner very properly. One in all its signs, aphasia, is a language dysfunction. Phrases and meanings steadily fade from his reminiscence. It’s for his kinfolk that he seeks to battle in opposition to the advance of the illness, and specifically his spouse.

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