these valuable tips to avoid relapse

these valuable tips to avoid relapse

Patients said to be in “remission” may see the cancer return after several months or years of relative tranquility. mboetti/Kirill Gorlov –

DECRYPTION – Recurrence is a misfortune that can sometimes be avoided. You can put the odds on your side by following your treatment to the end and by adapting your lifestyle.

Falling ill again is the fear of patients in whom no signs of cancer can be seen. Declared in “remission” by the medical profession, they can hope for a cure, that is to say a return to health, after a certain time (variable according to the tumours). But, for some, the disease can reappear after several months or years of relative tranquility.

How to put all the chances on your side to avoid it? First and foremost by following the proposed adjuvant treatments. But also by eliminating risk factors, and practicing appropriate physical activity.

Different treatments to prevent recurrence

“In cancer of the befor example, after a biopsy, we can identify the presence of hormone receptors and measure the density of a growth factor, to decide on therapies that will complement local treatment and aim to prevent recurrence,” explains Dr. Inès Vaz-Duarte-Luis, oncologist and researcher at the Gustave-Roussy Institute.

Depending on the results and depending on a…

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