they pay but nothing changes, “many other people have the same problem”

they pay but nothing changes, “many other people have the same problem”

Daniëlle lives in the small town of Fourons, in the province of Limbourg. It has been since the end of the 90s that she took out a telephone subscription with Proximus. However, she has been complaining to the operator since October 2021. The reason ? She is no longer reachable when she is in her village.


“Since then, in the region, we are most often unreachable. Callers are immediately directed to our voicemail. If we are outside Fourons, we don’t encounter any problems, ”she explains to HBVL. She deplores Proximus’ inaction: “We are now a year after our first report and we are still faced with the same problem (…) We have been paying our subscription carefully for 25 years, but we are not receiving anything”.

A Proximus spokesperson spoke about this problem. He indicates that “to our knowledge, there is no wider problem in the region (…) It is true that an update has been carried out on the mobile network within the framework of the collaboration with Orange Belgium , but on the whole, coverage in Fourons has improved”.

The operator adds that it will investigate to determine the causes of the problem on its network.

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