“They were throwing sausages”, “urinating on passers-by”…

“They were throwing sausages”, “urinating on passers-by”…

Teenagers have been banned from a shopping center in a difficult neighborhood after causing a series of incidents. They threw sausages and urinated on passers-by.


The police had to intervene several times in the Norfolk Place shopping center in Middlesbrough last week, because of these gangs of young people, according to Teesside Live.

Workers describe very shocking scenes, and are exhausted from these incivilities. “One stood on a staircase above the row of shops and urinated on people below,” one person said anonymously.

Signs have recently been posted on the windows of shops in the area saying they will close early, while others are now refusing to welcome under-18s without an adult to accompany them.

Fast food outlets have been among the hardest hit by these behaviors. A journalist from the local newspaper witnessed a sad scene, when an employee of the Domino’s Pizza chain was being bullied by young people… they threw sausages at him.

“They come and make a mess almost every day,” some even threw a chair on the restaurant counter.

Another 27-year-old trader described a hostile encounter with groups of young people: “We have a lot of young people prowling around. They threw a glass bottle inside and once they tried to fight me and looked at me askance, it was very, very aggressive”.

The situation seems complicated and cannot go on any longer. Two youths were arrested on suspicion of breaching one of the 48-hour dispersal orders, while five youths were ordered to leave the area by law enforcement.

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