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This diva behavior almost cost her her role in Titanic

This diva behavior almost cost her her role in Titanic

People and royalty

The American actor almost got angry with James Cameron.

A monument of cinema. Titanic has a budget of 200 million dollars for nearly 3.5 billion in revenue, 11 Oscars and a mythical couple: Jack and Rose. But the story could have been quite different because of Leonardo DiCaprio.

“You won’t get the role”

In full casting, James Cameron knows that he has already aimed right by recruiting Kate Winslet for the role of the young aristocrat with a strong desire for freedom. It’s the turn of the American actor, known without being a superstar, to try out. But “Leo” is a bit haughty and it’s the director who talks about it best. “He arrived and of course he wowed everyone, including me. And I said, ‘All right, let’s see how you get along with Kate'”Cameron remembered for QG. “He said, ‘You mean I read? Oh, I don’t read'”he added, to the chagrin of the filmmaker who is then ready to make him take the door. “It’s a monstrous movie that will keep me busy for two years, so I’m not going to screw it up by making a bad casting decision. So you’re going to read or else you won’t get the part”he blurted out. Feeling the tide turn, DiCaprio resigned himself. “He was so negative, until I said, ‘Action!’ » At that precise moment, Jack was born in front of his eyes. A star is born.

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