this harmful reflex impacts one in two French individuals

this harmful reflex impacts one in two French individuals

Cyberchondria is derived from the time period “hypochondria”

Increasingly more individuals search to self-diagnose their illness utilizing info obtainable on the web relatively than consulting a physician. A phenomenon referred to as cyberchondria.

Within the occasion of a suspicious pimple or localized ache, your reflex is to go looking the web for what illness may correspond to your signs? You aren’t alone. In line with a latest Eurostat statistical research, multiple in two French individuals go for this feature as an alternative of consulting a physician.

This mania has been renamed cyberchondria, taken from the time period “hypochondria” popularized by Molière and which describes the obsessive worry of a critical sickness. Cyberchondriacs will feed their worry of illness by looking for info on search engines like google and specializing in the generally horrifying outcomes. But when complications are the most typical symptom of a mind tumor, many different illnesses can clarify this ache.

56% of French individuals involved

“Over the previous decade, the share of individuals looking for well being info on-line has grown in nearly all EU Member States, with an general enhance of 17 factors since 2011 (38%),” notes The report. The nation that concentrates probably the most cyberchondriacs is Finland. 80% of respondents on this nation say they’ve searched the web for info associated to their well being within the three months previous the survey. The Netherlands (77%) and Denmark (75%) observe. In France, 56% of respondents did such a analysis over this era.

Whereas analysis on the web can generally assist discover options to alleviate signs, this could not flip into an obsession and be an element of tension. Within the occasion of an uncommon symptom, solely a physician is ready to make a prognosis and prescribe an acceptable therapy.

VIDEO – Antoine Spath: “14% of French individuals undergo from this illness which isn’t actually one”

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