this test which can detect Covid-19 and the flu

this test which can detect Covid-19 and the flu


this test which can detect Covid-19 and the flu
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F. Griffind, N. Boubetra, V. Lucas, A. Brodin -France 2

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A new test can detect Covid-19 and the flu. It can be done in a pharmacy or at your doctor’s, provided that the practitioners are equipped with this new tool.

This is a test already available in some pharmacies. This allows you to know if you are suffering from the flu or Covid-19. The gesture is less unpleasant than with a swab, and you just have to wait a few minutes to get the result. “The sample is the same, it is nasal mucus that we will recover, and that we will not only migrate on a strip which will detect the antigens of Covid, but also the antigens of the flu”explains Fabien Larue, director of the AAZ laboratory, which produces this test.

A test soon reimbursed?

For the moment, this test is not reimbursed by Social Security. In pharmacies, the patient is therefore charged 5 euros. The High Authority for Health is in the process of evaluating it with a view to its possible reimbursement. For their part, doctors are pushing in this direction. And in some regions, general practitioners already offer it for free.

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