This Youtuber guilty of a scam apologizes!

This Youtuber guilty of a scam apologizes!

Cultural News This Youtuber guilty of a scam apologizes!

If the majority of the time, the offers and projects put forward by content creators on the internet are “legal”, it sometimes happens that influencers are caught “hand in the bag”. It’s Logan Paul’s turn to be in turmoil.


  • CryptoZoo in the viewfinder
  • Scams, lawsuits and public apologies

CryptoZoo in the viewfinder

It is necessary to contextualize the facts and to clarify certain points in connection with the matter which interests us at present. For some time now, YouTuber Logan Paul, who became famous through several controversial videos, including one filming a suicide victim in a Japanese forest, has been making the promotion of a video game mixing zoo and cryptocurrency. Simply named CryptoZoo and launched in 2021, this NFT “platform” is actually a scam.

According to this videographer followed by more than 23 million subscribers, he would have invested no less than 1 million US dollars in this project whose development would have been entrusted to a “massive team”. Several games were originally planned according to a roadmap that has since disappeared. CryptoZoo was then described as follows (a description since deleted):

A self-contained ecosystem that allows ZooKeepers to buy, sell and trade exotic animals and hybrids. CryptoZoo integrates cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into a simple and fun game with familiar mechanics.

This Youtuber guilty of a scam apologizes!

Scams, lawsuits and public apologies

In December 2022, Stephen Findeisen – an investigator specializing in cryptocurrency scams – took a close look at this case. The one who is known as Coffeezilla on YouTube launched a series of 3 videos centered on CryptoZoo. After talking to several investors who sometimes spent thousands of US dollars, S. Findeisen accused Logan Paul of knowingly defrauding his followers.

The reaction of the American YouTuber is not long in coming. In a video, he refutes these accusations, but admits to having made a mistake. He would have recruited “crooks” and “criminals” to develop his NFT platform while clearing himself of this failure. A few days later, Logan Paul removes said video and apologizes to CryptoZoo investors. He then declared on the Discord page of the project “to take responsibility, apologize and propose a plan in the near future”. Case to follow.

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