Thousands of police in the streets of Brussels: “They are angry”

Thousands of police in the streets of Brussels: “They are angry”

Thousands of police, around 10,000, marched through the streets of Brussels to demand more consideration. A national demonstration was organized to denounce the violence against the police. Regularly pointed out, the subject suddenly returned to the center of concerns at the beginning of the month, when a young policeman was killed in Schaerbeek.

Thousands of police in the streets of Brussels: “They are angry”

Today, the police were waiting for concrete answers from the authorities. Raoul Moulin, CSC-Police Permanent Secretary, at the microphone of Emmanuel Dupont: “People are overly disappointed. They are also angry and waiting. The Vivaldi government has every interest in moving towards this expectation. People could not understand that we come to make promises of intention and that things cannot be achieved within a reasonable time.


A consultation took place at 1 p.m. between the police unions and the federal government. Eddy Quanio, CGSP delegate: “We have not yet seen anything from the Minister of the Interior and the Prime Minister in relation to the police service. There, there is an expectation. We are talking about the attractiveness of the police profession, we are talking about the end of your career. These are aspects of which expect much more respect from the government.”

After meeting Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) and Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD) on Monday, the representatives of the police unions confess disappointed.

The police unions were hoping for a concession from the government on the salary agreement and the NAPAP scheme – non-activity prior to pension -, the end-of-career development scheme specific to police officers, which is to be abolished after 2022, but they have failed.

“People don’t even want to talk about our status. They keep NAPAP’s accelerated reduction going and don’t want to call back the phasing of the pay deal. It’s a disappointment.”commented Joery Dehaes, ACV delegate (CSC) as 10,000 police officers demonstrated in Brussels on Monday to demand more respect from the federal government.

Carlo Medo, president of the National Union of Police and Security Personnel (SNPS), expected more from these interviews. “We talked a lot, but I think we didn’t understand each other well. They are ready to talk about violence against the police, but on other subjects, it’s sad. I’m very disappointed, because today “today we saw a strong signal from the police themselves”, did he declare.

The unions say they are united. New actions should be organized. “We are always open to negotiation, but today one in four people who work for the police were here. This should not be forgotten,” concluded Mr. Dehaes.

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