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Tiana as a couple in the castle? “It’s an incredible relationship”

Tiana as a couple in the castle? “It’s an incredible relationship”

While the last bonus of the 2022 season of the star academy fast approaching, Tiana and Chrislast eliminated, chain the interviews to confide on their career. The youngest of the show notably shared her testimony to The opportunity for her to say a little more about her adventure, but especially about her sentimental life. Indeed, this season, viewers have not been able to see romance to be born on the screen. Would the candidates have known how to be discreet? Tiana thus responded to this topic.

Tiana explained, in full transparency: “ For me there was nothing and for the others I saw nothing.. In question ? A lack of time according to the academician. ” We didn’t have time, even though I was a heart to take “, she acknowledged. But that’s not all. The 18-year-old also admitted that she felt no attraction to the other candidates. ” Unfortunately, no one pleased me “, she said.

Tiana confides in her crush on the show

If Tiana has not found love, she has, on the other hand, had a real heart stroke friendly to Lea. The two inseparable have indeed marked this season 2022. Tiana thus recognized: “ It’s a amazing relationship. It was also thanks to her that it was because she played the role of the big sister from A to Z. When I was not well, she was there for me”, she confided.

The young student also returned to the comments of certain Internet users, indicating that Léa would have had a bad influence on her. ” She has no influence on me at all. She’s really my big sister, she’s a amazing girl. What you see on TV may not be the same thing. You have to know the person. Léa assumes what she does, it’s what makes her character. she is magic », she shared, not without emotion.

A beautiful relationship that marked the 2022 season of the Star Academy: “Tiana, I love you”

The elimination of Tiana and Chris was a real heartbreak for the other students still in the running. In the hours that followed the bonus this Saturday, November 19, Léa wanted to send a message to her accomplice Tiana. ” I told her that I love herand that she doesn’t doubt herself at all, because for me, she’s the best. I love him very very very much, and I’m just waiting to finish just to go see her. I loved it so. Tiana, I love you and after Star Academy, I come to see you. “, launched Lea.

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A strong emotion the day after the departure of Tiana and Chris

The emotion within the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys was still strong the next day, this Sunday, November 20. Michael Goldmanthe director and Laura Balonthe scenic expression teacher, visited the students for the weekly debrief of the prime. Léa was thus not able to hold back her tears at the mention of her friend Tiana. ” I am very proud of her, for me she really won. This is my greatest gift to Star Academy. It’s a personality! I found someone sincere. When I’m with her, I’m 100% confident “, confided the singer.

If Tiana at impressed his comradesas well as the viewers by his vocal performances, it was unfortunately not enough to reach the final. This Saturday, November 26, it will therefore be Louis, Anisha, Enola and Léa who will compete to hope for first place. For this last evening, they are Lara Fabian, Nolwenn Leroy, Michel Polnareff as well as Robbie Williams who are expected on the set of the star academy. TF1 has also rolled out important means for this final. Indeed, it will be held on a real stage, instead of the studio of the last bonuses. It will thus be able to accommodate several thousand people.

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