tips to avoid heartburn

tips to avoid heartburn


  • Heartburn usually occurs 30 to 60 minutes after a meal.
  • They can affect adults, but also children and adolescents.
  • Pregnancy can also increase the risk of suffering from it, because of the pressure exerted on the stomach.

The holiday season is approaching. It is generally an opportunity to make rich and festive meals. For some people, this causes some apprehension. When you are prone to heartburn, these meals can be synonymous with pain. Burns are caused by acid reflux, also called gastric reflux. “Everyone experiences some level of reflux throughout the day, which usually goes unnoticed.says Dr. Eric Chiou, assistant professor of pediatrics-gastroenterology at Baylor University of Medicine in the United States. But some people have reflux that causes complications, such as inflammation of the esophagus or bothersome symptoms: pain, heartburn or breathing problemsTo reduce the risk, it is important to change your habits slightly.

Foods to avoid to prevent heartburn

Heartburn is the result of acid reflux into the esophagus. They irritate the digestive tract and generate the burning sensation. By consuming fewer acidic foods, the risk of acid reflux decreases. Thus, it is necessary to avoid citrus fruits, tomatoes, spicy dishes, chocolate, caffeine, theine and foods that are too rich in fat. “Try cutting down on acidic foods, carbonated or caffeinated drinks, and fatty foods that take longer to digest“, develops Dr Eric Chiou.

Smaller meals to limit acid reflux

The amount of food ingested also matters. “Instead of eating big meals, try making smaller meals with snacks in betweenadds the specialist. Avoid eating anything close to bedtime.” As bedtime coincides with lying down, and the stomach secretes acid after meals, the risk of burning increases sharply when lying down immediately after eating. During the holiday season, this doctor advises to do the best. For him, severe food restrictions are not necessary, but we must try to do our best to limit the risk. “I don’t think anything should be completely banned, but rather eat in moderation“, he explains. “Instead of taking large portions of a food that could trigger symptoms, try to take less.

Medicines to minimize the risk of heartburn

If all these efforts are not enough to avoid acid reflux, it is advisable to talk to a health professional. Medicines help reduce the risk of heartburn. Called antacids, they immediately neutralize the acid and prevent symptoms from appearing. There are also acid blockers whose action is to prevent the production of acid. “If you have reflux more than twice a week or if it causes other symptoms like weight loss or vomiting, I recommend seeing a gastroenterologist.”emphasizes Dr. Chiou.

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