TITAN RTX Ada Lovelace, Nvidia is preparing a small powerhouse?

TITAN RTX Ada Lovelace, Nvidia is preparing a small powerhouse?

Nvidia is said to have a TITAN RTX based on a full-power AD102 GPU in its boxes. The beauty would position itself as the benchmark in a segment above the possible GeForce RTX 4090 Ti.

This indiscretion is signed Moore’s Law is Dead. It is plausible because with the AD102 Nvidia has given itself a comfortable margin of maneuver to ensure other high-end and ultra-high-end references. The AD102 is currently in operation with only 128 SMs out of the 144 physically present.

As a result, this new TITAN RTX can carry 144 SM, i.e. no less than 18,432 CUDA cores while taking advantage of faster GDDR6 (24 Gbps) than that present on the RTX 4090. This would push the memory bandwidth to 1152 GB/s . Finally, the beauty can be accompanied by a power limit close to the capacities of the new 12VHPWR connector, i.e. 600 Watts.

TITAN RTX - ADA Lovelace

TITAN RTX – ADA Lovelace

To this crisp information is added a first image of this hypothetical TITAN RTX Ada Lovelace. The card is colossal with dimensions requiring 4 slots to house its cooling system based on that of the GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition.

TITAN RTX cards are released only through the Founders Edition family. So there are no “customized” solutions. On the price side, the $2,500 bar is possible, but given the pricing policies in practice, an even higher price is possible.

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