Twenty new cars on fire at Gefco in Ghislenghien

Twenty new cars on fire at Gefco in Ghislenghien

Coming from the Rebaix arsenal (Ath), two pumpers, two tank trucks and a command vehicle were dispatched to the scene. “It was a passing trucker who spotted the fire. This time, we were able to access the site via an entrance where a security service was present. Several cars were on fire in the same parking lot as the previous night but not in the same place”, explains captain Eric Stasik who led the intervention.

First, firefighters moved several cars that had not been affected by the fire from the burning area. The maneuver allowed firefighters to focus their efforts on vehicles that were already on fire. “There were all kinds of cars including vehicles destined for England, with right-hand drive. In total, fifteen cars were destroyed and five were impacted by the flames. They are all combustion cars. There was no electric vehicle. We stayed there until 3:12 a.m., “says the officer.

This new fire follows the fire which destroyed, on the night of Thursday to Friday, around forty vehicles on the Ghislenghien site, which includes between 10,000 and 13,000 vehicles over more than 45 hectares. The causes of these two fires are still undetermined. The file is at the information stage in the hands of the Tournai prosecutor’s office.

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