ULED X TV, a cross-generation improvement for Hisense, is on display at CES 2023

ULED X TV, a cross-generation improvement for Hisense, is on display at CES 2023

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LA VEGAS, January 5, 2023 /CNW/ – On January 4, during its CES 2023 press conference, Hisense unveiled the ULEDX TV, which is a milestone in its LCD TV technology. The ULEDX TV represents a significant advancement in LCD TV technology by delivering unparalleled picture quality in every frame and lifelike viewing with advanced technologies including Mini-LEDX, over 5000 local dimming zones, 2500nits peak brightness and a DynamicX display.

ULED X TV, a cross-generation improvement for Hisense, is on display at CES 2023

ULEDX TV enhances the viewing experience

Since the introduction of the first ULED TV a decade ago, Hisense has continuously updated its ULED technologies to improve the LCD TV viewing experience, and finally, during its press conference as part of at CES2023, Hisense unveiled its ULEDX TV. This year, the new 110ULEDX TV received a CES Innovation Award.

According to Stephen Yao, Deputy General Manager of Hisenseaux USA, the ULEDX TV combines an impressive range of television technologies, incredible processing power and more precise picture control thanks to an active intelligent backlight, pushing the display capacity his limits. Apparently, the environmental contrast quality of ULEDX TV is three times that of an ordinary OLED TV, and its dynamic range is twice that of an OLED TV.

Additionally, the ULEDX TV can deliver a brighter picture, deeper contrast, wider viewing angle and ultra-low reflectance ratios for unprecedented premium entertainment. For example, with ULEDX technology, Hisense TVs can achieve a peak brightness of 2500nits and a contrast ratio of 150000:1, which would redefine consumers’ perception of contrast. Another key factor in ensuring the superior performance of the ULEDX TV is the Hi-View EngineX, which controls over 20,000 mini LEDs and over 5,000 local dimming zones. In addition to its exceptional cinematography, the ULEDX TV also offers a 30% wider viewing angle; the addition of an ultra-low reflective panel allows all viewers to enjoy the same picture quality no matter where they are seated.

We have strived to make the ULEDX TV unique from other LCD TVs, and we are proud of our achievement, said Stephen Yao. In the future, Hisense will increase its efforts to improve its LED and LCD TV technologies and continue to offer superior products that can provide optimal viewing for international customers.

UX, a representative product

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