Very good news has just fallen for fans of Wednesday on Netflix!

Very good news has just fallen for fans of Wednesday on Netflix!

Cultural News Very good news has just fallen for fans of Wednesday on Netflix!

More than a month after the release of Wednesday on Netflix, a question is on (almost) everyone’s lips: will season 2 of the series, mentioned by the showrunners, be quickly confirmed? We will have waited, but we finally know the future of the series!

Wednesday, a colossal success

Released November 23, 2022, Wednesday caused a sensation, and that is an understatement. Putting the Addams Family back in the spotlight, the series has largely convinced the public, who have accumulated more than a billion hours watched on Netflix. Despite some weaknesses, notably related to an agreed scenario and a monster that is not unanimous, the series has been praised for its humor, its penchant for gothic horror comedy, but also for the performance of Jenna Ortega, who very convincingly embodies the cynical Wednesday.

Composed of 8 episodes, season 1 was devoured by many subscribers, to the point of winning the record for the most viewed English series on the platform. A colossal successsustained by the end-of-year holidays and by the presence of Tim Burton. However, more than a month after the release, the series had still not been renewed, while the platform used to anticipate this kind of announcement.

Season 2 of Wednesday made official!

The reason behind this suspense is a will of the production, which wished to understand and digest the success before starting a new season that will seek to erase the flaws underline and reinforce the strengths of the series. At the end of December, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar explained that they did not forbid themselves anything in the context of a possible season 2, which was reassuring.

They mentioned the fact of developing Wednesday’s personalityhis relationship with his mother and his friends, but also to integrate new ideas, born after the release of the first season. We therefore suspected that a season 2 would be announced but, in the absence of an official statement, we could only guess. That wait is now over, as the Wednesday series has officially been renewed on Netflix!

More torture on the way. You’re in luck.

Shortly after this announcement, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar said they were looking forward to to continue the adventure with Mercredi and the Addams Family

It’s amazing to create a series that has connected with people all over the world. Excited to continue Wednesday’s torturous journey in season two. We can’t wait to dive headfirst into another season and explore the spooky world of Nevermore. I just need to make sure Wednesday hasn’t drained the pool.

No release date has been revealed.and many elements remain unknown. The filming dates, the possible arrivals at the casting or the pitch of this season 2 still remain mysterious. However, we already know that this new season will be available on Netflix. Indeed, MGM was bought by Amazon, which left one to imagine that Prime Video could recover the broadcast of the series. It will not be, the agreement between MGM and Netflix having been concluded before the takeover. We just have to wait for more on Wednesday, season 2.

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