Victim of “cyberharassment and hatred” because of her pseudo relationship with Kylian Mbappé, the Belgian Rose Bertram comes out of silence

Victim of “cyberharassment and hatred” because of her pseudo relationship with Kylian Mbappé, the Belgian Rose Bertram comes out of silence

Enough is enough. Apparently, that’s what Stéphanie Rose Bertram, the 28-year-old Belgian model, thinks. It’s been several months that the press people but not that she thinks that the beauty is the girlfriend (hidden) of Kylian Mbappé. The “Daily Mail” also said so, but we know that everything the English tabloid writes does not always correspond to reality. At the beginning of the year, Rose decided to debunk a rumor.

She doesn’t say she’s not dating the top scorer at the World Cup, but she apparently takes it out on a netizen who doesn’t wish her well. The former Parisian defender Gregory van der Wiel, with whom she had two daughters, was a 27-year-old mother who did not appreciate the allegation of the blogger who calls himself “Aqababe”. He insinuates that Rose Bertram “tried to have a child behind Kylian Mbappé’s back”.

“Too bad for my family”

Since then, the Belgian has received tons of not always friendly messages from fans who insult her. Hence the rant of the one who, in general, lets go of the rumor. “I’m not used to responding to gossip or rumours, but obviously there is a line that should not be crossed. Over the past few weeks, lies have been spread about me. This is causing serious harm to my family, those around me and myself”.

The year 2023, she continues, began for her in “hate and cyberbullying”. “This situation is a sad picture of what our society has become. None of what has been alleged is true. The truth can never come from an ill-intentioned stranger who knows nothing of my private life and who moreover hides behind a screen. Most derogatory is the fact that some people may believe and feed all this nonsense. There is no proof of everything that has been said against me, but it is all a tissue of lies that harm my image and my reputation”.

The Flandrienne has more than a million “followers” on Instagram. She knows she’s exposed but can’t get over this wickedness displayed in the hateful messages she’s received lately. “In a world where getting views, clicks and likes is all that matters, we sometimes forget that we are human and that cyberbullying can have serious consequences and destroy lives,” he notes. -she. “So I expressed the need to express myself because if we leave it silent and allow everyone to say whatever they want, we might think that this is normal. Unfortunately, there are still many people who suffer unjustified attacks and that saddens me”.

She would like to thank her caring community and the people who have followed her since the beginning: “I really appreciate your support”. And to conclude: “Let us spread the truth, peace and be kind and tolerant with each other. In the end, love alone will prevail”.

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