Walloon Parliament: André Frédéric and the new Bureau are installed

Walloon Parliament: André Frédéric and the new Bureau are installed

Within minutes, the handover was completed without incident. The PTB and Engagés opposition is associated with the Bureau. The budgetary debates can begin.

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VSlike on wheels! At the dawn of a day which promises to be very long due to the budgetary debates, the parliament of Wallonia proceeded, this Wednesday morning, to the installation of its new Bureau and therefore of its new president, the socialist André Frédéric .

The procedure was orchestrated by the deputy MR Sybille de Coster-Bauchau, also a member of the late Bureau, as dean of the assembly. Note the absence in session of Jean-Claude Marcourt (PS), the outgoing president.

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Curtain therefore on a painful sequence for the regional parliament: the resignation of the entire Bureau was recorded from the outset. It is the consequence of successive revelations on the actions of the clerk Frédéric Janssens and on the expenses linked in particular to the construction sites of an underground junction and a house of parliamentarians.

The particularity of the new Bureau is now well known: this body will be open to opposition. The five members appointed by the majority are therefore André Frédéric (president), Sabine Laruelle (MR, first vice-president), Olivier Biérin (Ecolo, vice-president), Gwenaëlle Grovonius (PS, secretary) and Rachel Sobry (MR, secretary ). The opposition chose Anne-Catherie Goffinet (Committed, secretary) and Laszlo Schonbrodt (PTB, secretary).

“The wounds are still open”

Barely elected, André Frédéric took the floor to underline “the difficult times” experienced by the parliament that he must chair until the installation of the elected assembly during the 2024 elections. to staff members, including those who denounced the behavior of the clerk: “The wounds are still open. We were slow to react. We will take the time to give everyone the necessary confidence. »

” At work ! “Concluded the speaker who, for the occasion, had swapped the floral shirt for a more sober gray shirt and tie. Clothes make the president. Make way for budget work.

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André Frédéric will have a lot to do: the first speaker of the day, Germain Mugemangango (PTB), immediately caused a lot of hubbub in the aisles when he tackled head-on the question of the remuneration of ministers and parliamentarians, on the sidelines of the budget issues. Many elected officials, who live “in a cocoon of luxury and privileges” according to him, were annoyed. If the Office opens to the opposition, the time is not yet for the sacred union…

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