Walloon Parliament: “I don’t understand why Paul Magnette defends these political elites to such an extent”

Walloon Parliament: “I don’t understand why Paul Magnette defends these political elites to such an extent”

“It is imperative to change the framework and change the rules. This belief in the market of supply and demand is not able to answer this question. For 30 years, the liberals have been telling us that the more we liberalize, the more we deregulate, the better it goes, but we can see that it does not work”, charges Raoul Hedebouw.

Renationalize the energy sector, invest in transport and tax the richest

As far as energy is concerned, the solution would be to nationalize by taking the example of the Danish model, according to the strongman of the PTB. “With the liberalization of the energy sector, we were promised that prices would fall, but it didn’t work and it created monopolies. Denmark is a country that retains public control over its energy sector and creates 30,000 jobs in the wind sector. There is therefore an economic alternative and a green transition. In Denmark, we didn’t sell everything privately or on the markets and we took our own fate into our own hands. We should do the same in Belgium.”

In terms of transport, the president of the PTB cites the example of the Swiss railways. “They invested heavily in the railroad. In all the stations of the country, all the trains arrive at the same time to be able to make modal transport between trains and buses. It works very well and it is one of the only countries which has sought ever larger shares of transport by train. At home, not investing in public transit is costing us billions in traffic jams and blocking our economy. Investing in the railway will pay off”, assures the federal deputy.

But where to find the money to invest? For Raoul Hedebouw, the solution lies in particular in the creation of a public bank, which would raise 16 billion per year for the next 10 years. “We can guarantee 2-3%. And I believe in it because I think people want to invest in our own economy.”

The second measure would be to introduce a tax on wealth, which would target the richest 2% in Belgium. “In Belgium, we have a lot of wealth, but it is poorly distributed. Each year, we have 2 to 3000 more millionaires in euros and I find that we must activate these riches. Moreover, the greatest inequalities in Europe are on heritage. The only way to reach millionaires in Belgium is through a tax on wealth.”

Walloon Parliament spending controversy: “It’s scandalous for a socialist”

The president of the PTB also addressed the controversy over the clerk in the Walloon Parliament and the expenses that escaped democratic control. “In the extended office, we knew nothing. And we see in the reports that the only MP who clearly said there was a problem with the clerk and his travels was Germain Mugemangango of the PTB.”

Therefore, should the President of the Walloon Parliament, Jean-Claude Marcourt, be fired? “As a socialist leader, who supposedly represents the workers, it is up to him to decide. Making luxury trips with hotel nights at 550 euros is scandalous for a socialist. And I don’t understand why Paul Magnette defends these political elites to such an extent? How does he want the workers to react to this? It’s the PTB that will grow in there.”

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