watch out for serious side effects

watch out for serious side effects


  • The use of steroids among young people also increases the risk of using illicit products such as marijuana or cocaine.
  • In France, the purchase of anabolic steroids is illegal.

These are diverted drugs. Anabolic steroids are normally used for specific medical purposes, such as maintaining muscle mass in bedridden people. For many years, they have been acclaimed by athletes, sometimes young, to increase their muscle mass. However, this use can be dangerous, as explained by the authors of a recent study, published in Improved performance and health.

Steroids are associated with a high risk of addiction

We’re seeing more and more young adults and teens engaging in risky behaviors, like using steroids, to achieve what many consider to be the ideal male body.“, explains the lead author of this research, Kyle T. Ganson, assistant professor at the university of Toronto. With his team, they analyzed the data of more than 2,700 teenagers and young adults in Canada, concerning their consumption of steroids. In total, 1.6% said they had already taken these products in their life. Among them, 82% were men. More than one in four users said they felt a strong urge to take it again. More than one in five said they had exceeded the dosages initially planned. “Overall, nearly one in four steroid users in our study had moderate to severe steroid dependence.“, completes Kyle T. Ganson.

Cholesterol, insomnia, acne… many side effects

One of the evidences of addiction was the use of the products despite their side effects: one in six respondents explained that they continued to take steroids despite the “recurring physical or psychological problems they caused”.

Among the main side effects recorded in the study were mood changes, insomnia, increased blood pressure, acne and abnormal cholesterol levels. “Young people are very sensitive to the body ideals promoted by society, and many will turn to dangerous methods, such as the use of steroids, to achieve these ideals.“, observes Kyle T. Ganson. However, their relationship to these products was not, until now, the subject of scientific studies. “Most previous research on steroid use has focused on small samples and specific populations, such as bodybuilders or gym goers.adds the researcher. This is the first large-scale epidemiological study to investigate steroid use among Canadian adolescents and young adults in the communityHe hopes that this first will be followed by effects. He counts in particular on the public authorities to accelerate prevention, so that young people abandon these dangerous products.

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