Weight loss: should you focus on protein at dinner?

Weight loss: should you focus on protein at dinner?

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There are many myths that one can come across in the field of nutrition. “Lifetime” beliefs that we consider healthy and that we put into practice with our eyes closed. Take, for example, the need to drink orange juice every morning. Freshly squeezed, of course, so the vitamins don’t get ‘leached out’. Fortunately, more and more studies are being conducted. And the most expert dietitians and nutritionists strive to keep up to date. Therefore, new theories proliferate and, always from a personalized perspective (because each body is different), we feel the need to gradually put them into practice. We now know that drinking this juice is not as good as it sounds for weight loss.

Protein for dinner: a good idea?

In fact, we realize that fruit is best eaten whole. In this way, we get the most out of all its fibers. Also, we feel fuller. After all, who would be able to bite into the three oranges that can be squeezed for breakfast juice? We are also aware that a dinner for weight loss doesn’t always have to be entirely protein.

Nutritionist Laura Jorge says it’s not strictly necessary. “It’s true that carbs give you more energy and if we’re going to sleep, we won’t really need it,” she says. “Proteins are also less bloated and more digestible than carbohydrates. So they can also help us sleep better,” she adds. However, she tells us that “there is no need to forbid eating carbohydrates at dinner if you feel like it”. It is therefore not necessary to eat only proteins at the dinner for the weightloss.

Dinner for weight loss: the important thing is that all food groups are present and that we eat a light dinner /Unsplash

Pictured is a varied dinner that you can cook at home / Photo: Unsplash

Weight loss is unique to everyone

The important thing, as Jorge tells us, is to cover the needs by giving our body the recommended daily amount of each food group.. “How food is distributed throughout the day doesn’t matter in principle. But it always depends on the person,” says the expert. “An elite athlete is not the same as a person like you and me,” she says. “In reality, if we play sports and lead an active and healthy lifestyle, we won’t have any problems,” she says encouragingly.

It is true that the ideal is to include a portion of each food group in each of our meals, if we have not eaten a lot of carbohydrates during the day and as long as we have not spent eight hours sitting on a chair. But it’s not a crime to have a small plate of pasta for dinner. Just remember that it is always better to eat things (vegetables, meat, fish) with pasta than not to eat pasta with things. Do not forget, moreover, that for weight loss, the important thing is to be in a calorie deficit. Exercise is the key to success in this regard!

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