What are its advantages ? when to make use of it?

What are its advantages ? when to make use of it?

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Sorghum, the fifth cereal on this planet after corn, rice, wheat and barley, is now one of many cereals grown in France. Its flour wealthy in macro and micronutrients is an ingredient of selection for each savory and candy preparations.

Gluten-free, sorghum flour is beneficial for celiac sufferers and its protein high quality is an asset in vegan diets.

Traits of sorghum flour

  • Wealthy in protein;
  • Wealthy in iron;
  • Supply of fiber;
  • Gluten free ;
  • Antioxidant properties.

Sorghum flour: its dietary and caloric values

Sorghum flour is wealthy in macro and micronutrients, its excessive fiber and iron content material make it a well being asset.

Common nutrient contents of sorghum flour.

For 100 g of sorghum flour


Common content material

Energy (in kcal)


Protein (in g)


Carbohydrates (in g)


Lipids (in g)


Dietary fiber (in g)


Iron (in mg)


What are the advantages of sorghum flour?

Wealthy in vitamins, the well being advantages of sorghum flour are quite a few.

Protein-rich flour

Proteins are an meeting of subunits known as amino acids, there are 20 of which 9 are stated to be important, as a result of they’re supplied solely by meals. Proteins of animal origin comprise all of those amino acids, which isn’t the case with vegetable proteins, which can have a deficit of important amino acids.

However, sorghum flour comprises all of the important amino acids in good proportion, which makes it a meals of selection for vegans.

A wonderful supply of iron

Sorghum flour has twice as a lot iron as purple meat. Once more, she has an actual curiosity in vegetarian and vegan diets. Iron is concerned within the synthesis of purple blood cells, a deficiency on this mineral results in iron deficiency anemia.

Vegetable iron is nevertheless much less nicely absorbed by the physique than iron of animal origin (heme), you’ll be able to enhance its absorption by including or combining meals wealthy in vitamin C in your preparations.

A cereal wealthy in fiber

The roles of fibers are a number of, in the event that they regulate transit, in addition they assist preserve the intestinal microbiota, the disruption of which is understood to be concerned in a number of pathologies (weight problems, diabetes, even Alzheimer’s illness).

The consumption of fibers additionally permits the prevention of colorectal most cancers and intervenes within the phenomenon of satiety, thus avoiding cravings and snacking fairly often answerable for weight acquire.

Low glycemic index

The glycemic index corresponds to the pace with which glucose is absorbed by the physique. The upper this GI, the sooner the glucose will likely be absorbed, resulting in important variations in blood sugar.

For folks with diabetes, it’s needed to take care of steady blood sugar ranges, so low and medium GI meals are beneficial. Sorghum flour has a low glycemic index, so it’s an simple well being asset.

Supply of antioxidants

Sorghum flour has phenolic compounds (flavonoids) with antioxidant properties. Antioxidants block free radicals and scale back oxidative stress answerable for sure cancers, cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes and neurodegenerative illnesses.

The phrase of the dietitian-nutritionist

Sorghum flour is wealthy in vitamins, it’s significantly beneficial:

  • in vegan diets;
  • within the occasion of anemia, to folks with sluggish transit;
  • for folks illiberal to gluten.

Sorghum flour is on sale on the cabinets of natural shops or on the web.

Sorghum flour identification card

  • Household: Poaceae (grasses);
  • Origin: Midi-Pyrénées, Poitou-Charentes, Heart area;
  • Season: all yr;
  • White shade ;
  • Taste: impartial.

Prioritize natural

If the minerals and fibers are concentrated within the husk of the grain, so are the pesticides. Due to this fact, it is best to ideally go for natural sorghum flour.

Retailer nicely

Sorghum flour might be saved for six months in an hermetic container away from humidity, warmth and light-weight.

Sorghum flour matches completely into savory dish recipes in addition to dessert recipes.

Savory dishes

You’ll be able to incorporate sorghum flour into the dough of your:

  • savory desserts;
  • feta and sun-dried tomato muffins;
  • pie bases in your vegetable quiches.

Sorghum flour also can thicken a sauce or be a base in your béchamel roux.

Protein-rich desserts

Like some legume flours, sorghum flour will enrich your desserts with protein.

Will probably be an excellent ingredient in your cookies, your lemon desserts, your orange blossom pastry lotions or your apple or purple fruit crumbles.

As an aperitif

Use sorghum flour to make small parmesan and cumin seed crackers, Emmental mini cupcakes, olive shortbread, chive financiers, mini mushroom clafoutis.

Are there any contraindications to sorghum flour?

There aren’t any contraindications listed to this point. The fiber content material of sorghum flour can nevertheless result in intestinal problems in sure delicate folks.

Historical past and anecdotes

Sorghum is a millennial cereal, there are traces courting again 10,000 years within the area of Sudan. There are 250 forms of sorghum, the perfect recognized and most cultivated being the Sorghum bicolor selection.

This cereal has a special title relying on the continent:

  • “Huge millet” in Africa;
  • “Mil d’If” and Asia;
  • “Egyptian wheat” within the Center East;
  • “Guinea grass” in West Africa;
  • “Droo” in Tunisia.

Ecology and surroundings

Sorghum, which consumes little water, appears to be regularly changing maize. Economical in water and fertiliser, it tolerates excessive warmth very nicely because of its deep root system permitting it to effectively draw mineral and water sources from the soil.


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