what are its well being advantages, why use it?

what are its well being advantages, why use it?

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Coconut flour, rather less identified than different gluten-free flours, deserves its place in our kitchen. Its a number of dietary properties: gluten-free, wealthy in protein, with a low glycemic index.

Coconut flour is comprised of the flesh of the coconut which has been beforehand dried and defatted by urgent.

Traits of coconut flour

  • Wealthy in protein;
  • Wealthy in fiber;
  • Low glycemic index;
  • Gluten free ;
  • Decreases the absorption of ldl cholesterol and glucose;
  • Keep away from blood sugar spikes.

Coconut flour: its dietary and caloric values

Coconut flour might be referred to as a small dietary “bomb” because it is filled with vitamins helpful to well being. It’s good for vegetarian, vegan or sports activities diets, because it meets the particular wants of every food regimen.

For 100 g of coconut flour:


Common content material

Energy (in kcal)


Water (in g)


Protein (in g)


Carbohydrates (in g)


Lipids (in g)


Dietary fiber (in g)


Selenium (in microg)

The advantages of coconut flour

Coconut flour is filled with a number of well being and dietary advantages.

Wealthy in proteins and important amino acids

Proteins are an meeting of sub-units referred to as amino acids, there are 20 of which 9 are mentioned to be important, as a result of offered solely by meals.

Proteins of animal origin include all of them, which isn’t the case with vegetable proteins. Certainly, some have a vital amino acid deficit, however a different food regimen will present the physique with all of the important amino acids it wants. Proteins are concerned in progress, upkeep of lean mass, therapeutic, synthesis of immunoglobulins and protein hormones.

With its excessive protein content material, coconut flour is of actual curiosity to people who find themselves vegan, vegetarian or who devour little meat. It is usually very fascinating for athletes whose protein wants are elevated and the aged susceptible to malnutrition.

Low glycemic index to keep away from extreme variations in blood sugar

The glycemic index corresponds to the pace with which glucose is absorbed by the physique. The upper this GI, the quicker the glucose can be absorbed, resulting in important variations in blood sugar.

Coconut flour, with its low glycemic index, is advisable for folks with diabetes who want to take care of secure blood sugar ranges.

Supply of fiber with a number of features

Coconut flour is likely one of the richest fiber flours. Certainly, its fiber content material might be as much as 50% relying on the model.

The roles of fibers are a number of:

  • they take part within the regulation of transit;
  • they affect the glycemic index (how shortly glucose is absorbed by the physique) of the meals;
  • they lower the intestinal absorption of ldl cholesterol.
  • They make it potential to take care of the intestinal microbiota, the dysregulation of which is thought to be concerned in a number of pathologies (weight problems, diabetes, even Alzheimer’s illness).

The consumption of fibers additionally permits the prevention of colorectal most cancers and intervenes within the phenomenon of satiety, thus avoiding cravings and snacking fairly often liable for weight achieve.

Non-stored fatty acids

The particularity of the lipid content material of coconut flour lies in its lipid high quality. Supply of saturated fatty acids, particularly “medium chain”, these present vitality to the physique and are usually not saved.

Antioxidant and protecting virtues of the immune system

Selenium is a hint aspect with antioxidant properties which can be concerned within the immune system.

Antioxidants scale back oxidative stress and block free radicals liable for untimely getting older of cells. They’d be concerned within the prevention of continual ailments reminiscent of cardiovascular pathologies, kind 2 diabetes and age-related pathologies.

Gluten free for celiacs

Coconut flour is gluten-free, so it is suggested for folks with celiac illness or gluten intolerance.

Nutritionist’s phrase

The key dietary pursuits of coconut flour are its protein content material and its excessive excessive fiber content material. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to devour it together with one other flour so as to keep away from digestive issues in folks with intestinal sensitivity.

Coconut flour is marketed in natural shops and on the web.

coconut flour id card

  • Household: Araceae;
  • Origin: West Indies;
  • Season: all yr;
  • White color ;
  • Taste: coconut, candy.

Recommendation when shopping for

Go for natural coconut flour to keep away from any pesticides. The fiber content material of this flour varies quite a bit relying on the manufacturers, examine it by studying the listing of components.

Adapt the dosages

Coconut flour being a really absorbent and grainy flour, you’ll have to adapt the dosages of your preparations: 1 / 4 of coconut flour would be the equal of a dose of typical flour. This flour being grainy, it shouldn’t characterize greater than 15 to 25% of the full flour.

Correctly retailer coconut flour

Preserve coconut flour in a dry place, away from warmth. Warning: since coconut flour is wealthy in lipids, it would are likely to go rancid simply, ensure that earlier than use that the scent it offers off is just not disagreeable.

Coconut flour might be integrated in each savory and candy recipes.

For a satisfying breakfast

Nothing like coconut flour pancakes to begin the time off proper, wealthy in fiber and protein, this balanced breakfast will hold you from cravings in the course of the morning.

In desserts

Coconut flour might be integrated partly into your preparations of truffles, muffins, fruit truffles, pancakes and waffles.

Power bars for athletes

Coconut flour goes notably properly with bananas, will probably be straightforward to make vitality and protein bars to devour after coaching.

Contraindications and allergic reactions to coconut flour


Very wealthy in fiber, coconut flour may cause transit issues in folks affected by intestinal sensitivity.

allergic reactions

Individuals allergic to coconut will clearly should keep away from the consumption of coconut flour.

Historical past and anecdotes

It’s thought-about that the coconut tree is native to Malaysia, it has turn out to be acclimatized in most tropical nations. Indonesia, the Philippines and India are the primary producing nations, they alone account for 70% of world manufacturing.

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