What are the features of the Amazon Basics MicroSDXC memory card?

What are the features of the Amazon Basics MicroSDXC memory card?

microSD, SDHC, SDXC cards… Memory cards are necessary for the proper functioning of many useful everyday devices. If you are looking for a storage device of this type, you will find what you are looking for within the Amazon Basics range.

microSDXC cards allow you to add storage space to various devices. With varying capabilities, they are often chosen for their compatibility with particular equipment. The amount of memory they offer is also one of the main characteristics to take into account before any purchase. Many smartphones are equipped with microSD ports capable of accommodating memory cards of this type. So, when your mobile’s internal storage is insufficient, microSD, SDHC and SDXC cards take over, allowing you to save even more data. These storage devices are also used in certain touch pads, cameras and video cameras. MicroSD cards are especially essential on surveillance cameras, GoPros and drones. Players are also used to microSDXC cards, which they use to expand the storage space of their game console, including the Nintendo Switch.

The differences between Micro SD, SDHC and SDXC cards

Before deciding on a memory card, it’s important to understand the differences between each available format. Increasingly compact, the most recent devices are only compatible with “micro” cards, the size of which is 15×11 mm. SD type memory cards are the very first to have been developed. Their capacity is limited to 2 GB, or about 200 photos, which makes them of little use if you are looking for a large storage space. However, this is the only standard taken into account on the oldest devices. More efficient, microSDHC cards contain between 2 GB and 32 GB of memory. If you want to opt for a memory card of this type, be sure to check its compatibility with the equipment for which it is intended.

The memory cards with the largest capacity are microSDXC cards. These can contain between 64 GB and 2 TB of storage space. The most recent smartphones are compatible with this format, but they often accept a maximum capacity of 1 TB. So be careful when ordering a microSDXC card for your mobile. These latest generation storage devices have another advantage: they have faster write and read speeds, which will allow you to save and access your data in no time.

Benefits of Amazon Basics MicroSDXC Cards

Game console, computer, camera, tablet, smartphone… If you have recent equipment, you will be free to use the Amazon Basics microSDXC card, on sale at the e-commerce giant. Amazon offers its memory card in several formats, so that it best suits your devices and your needs. You will have the choice between storage spaces of 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB. These large capacities will be particularly useful for recording high quality photos and 4K videos. So that you can easily use your Amazon Basics microSDXC card with multiple devices, Amazon will also provide you with an SD adapter. The latter will be particularly practical for transferring your files to a computer with only a 24×32 mm memory card port.

To suit the needs of recent hardware, the Amazon Basics microSDXC card boasts a maximum read speed of 100MB/s. Its write speed can reach up to 60MB/s, depending on the model chosen. Robust, this memory card can fall at the same time as your devices, without risk of being damaged. It also meets the IPX6 water resistance standard, and can withstand temperatures ranging from -10° to 80°. Also don’t worry about losing your data due to X-rays or magnetic field. These will have no effect on your Amazon Basics microSDXC card.

Discover the Amazon Basics MicroSDXC Card

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