What hairstyle when you have cheeks at 50? Here are the trendiest haircuts in 2023

What hairstyle when you have cheeks at 50? Here are the trendiest haircuts in 2023

The best hairstyles for women over 50 with a round face shape and fat cheeks provide a slimming effect. The main idea is to optically lengthen the face to emphasize natural beauty and erase years from the look. In general, a woman with fine hair should keep it soft around the face, blunt at the ends, and give it texture and volume. Women over 50 with thick hair should go for a short, choppy, pixie look instead. If you are still wondering: “What hairstyle when you have cheeks”?, check out the photos below which illustrate the most trendy haircuts for fifty-somethings in 2023!

What hairstyle when you have cheeks at 50?

What hairstyle when you have cheeks at 50?  Here are the trendiest haircuts in 2023

What hairstyles for women over 50 with round faces to consider? If you’ve passed into the 50s, that doesn’t mean you need to pay less attention to your hair. If you are a fan of modern short haircuts with low maintenance, bobs and pixies are a great idea. Why ? Simply because they look fresh, require little styling and boost your self-confidence. Read more details below!

What haircut to slim the face at 50?

Classic feathered pixie. This is definitely one of the best short hairstyles for round faces over 50! The angled legs and layers that give height are very flattering. If you have a chubby face, this mane cut will help you achieve a slimmer look. The bangs and feather top frame the head beautifully.

Sleek Pixie Hairstyle. What charm and class! Make a short pixie cut and style your hair back with volume at the roots. If you wear glasses, this option is suitable for you. The most desired color for this year is silver blonde. Moreover, it creates the illusion of volume on fine hair.

what hairstyle to refine face woman 50 years 2023

Messy Pixie Cut. Pixie cuts for round faces help women over 50 look younger and more glamorous. Get your hair cut and tousled for a chic look.

pixie release. One of the best solutions for thin hair is to adopt a textured pixie cut. The layers add volume to your locks and the subtle highlights add dimension.

what cut to refine a round face woman 50 years 2023

Long Pixie Cut with Bangs. If you want your hair to have lots of volume, go for a longer pixie cut, add a few layers and sweep your bangs to the side.

Pixie with asymmetrical bangs for 50 year old women. What hairstyle when you have cheeks and wear glasses? Asymmetrical bangs and a teal frame are little things that make a big difference and take your simple short hair look away from boredom.

haircut round face and fat woman 50 years 2023

What cut to make when you have a round face at 50?

Short square with fringe. If you are one of those lucky ladies with thick hair, you have a lot of possibilities. A short, straight bob with bangs is always a good idea.

Gradient square with fringe. No one will know how old you are with a rich chocolate color and a gorgeous layered bob haircut. Get some bangs, and you’ll love this new hairstyle!

haircut to refine oval face woman 50 years 2023

A-frame bob. If you want to look stylish all the time, choose a classic haircut that nicely frames your face and optically lengthens it.

Mid-length bob with long bangs. Give this classic haircut a fresh twist by adding some subtle highlights. Long bangs will make your face look more rounded.

what haircut for round face and double chin woman 50 years 2023

Messy Short Bob with Baby Bangs. Tousled curls bring texture and volume to fine hair. Baby bangs are a trendy item and they won’t bother you to get in your eyes like it happens with longer bangs.

Long A-line Bob. Some of the best mid-length hairstyles for round faces include classic versions like the A-line bob. An off-center parting is a very trendy element and a slimming trick that works really well in this case.

what haircut when you have big cheeks woman 50 years 2023

Angular bob with side parting. Tall women can find a flattering solution in this medium haircut that makes the cheeks less prominent and the face slimmer.

Tousled Wavy Bob. The daring tousled bob is an easy way to draw attention away from a double chin and big cheeks. It is an elegant and easy to style hairstyle that you will appreciate for sure.

does short hair refine the face of a 50 year old woman

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