What was this intriguing halo across the moon noticed in Caen this night time?

What was this intriguing halo across the moon noticed in Caen this night time?

Taken with the iPhone 7, the picture is sadly a lot much less spectacular than with the bare eye. Two days earlier than the total moon, a pleasant halo of sunshine immediately surrounded Earth’s satellite tv for pc. A complete circle, noticed between 11:15 p.m. and 12:15 a.m., from Caen (Calvados), on the night time of this Sunday November 6 to Monday November 7, 2022.

An optical phantasm

As lovely as it’s uncommon, this phenomenon is named a photometeor. That is really an optical phantasm created by the refraction or reflection of sunshine by ice crystals within the ambiance. The drop in temperatures noticed in current days most likely lent itself to this. This kind of phenomenon is usually noticed round easy lampposts.

The halo is of the identical household because the rainbow or the inexperienced ray.

Jupiter caught within the clutches of the halo

The one seen on Sunday night within the sky of Caen provided a distinction as hanging because it was scrumptious. The icing on the cake: in the course of the first minutes of statement, the planet Jupiter was caught within the optical circle.

For the anecdote, the most important planet within the photo voltaic system is at present shining brightly. On September 26, it had by no means been so near the Earth since 1963 and won’t be a lot earlier than… 2,129.

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