what’s it, record, uncommon, severe, trigger

what’s it, record, uncommon, severe, trigger

A systemic illness is an inflammatory illness that impacts totally different organs and alters their functioning. What are the commonest systemic illnesses? The rarest? Probably the most severe? Solutions with Pr Aleth Perdriger, head of the Rheumatology division on the Rennes College Hospital.

Definition: what’s a systemic illness?

The systemic illnesses (typically additionally referred to as connectivitis or collagenosis) are inflammatory illnesses secondary to a dysfunction of the immune system. “The function of the immune system is to defend us in opposition to assaults, specifically, infections. Dysfunction of the protection system results in hyperactivity of the immune system. As a substitute of defending in opposition to exterior aggression, the immune system turns to the organs it needs to be defending. The features of those organs are altered, to a larger or lesser extent“, develops Professor Aleth Perdriger. Nonetheless, not all of the organs are affected on the similar time, and the injury makes it attainable to “classify” systemic illnesses. There are thus a lot of systemic illnesses, that are outlined by the injury of a specific organ. Thus, for instance:

  • the rheumatoid arthritis impacts the joints,
  • the systemic lupus erythematosus impacts the pores and skin, extra hardly ever the kidneys.

What’s the record of main systemic illnesses?

All systemic illnesses will be difficult by injury to a different organ.

The commonest inflammatory illness is rheumatoid arthritis. Systemic lupus erythematosus is the systemic illness in which there’s essentially the most organ injury. We additionally point out the Gougerot-Sjögren syndromeillness that targets the exocrine glands, the lacrimal and salivary glands, but additionally the inflammatory myopathies with muscle injury. Different sicknesses embrace scleroderma, and vasculitis, with Horton’s illnessperiarteritis nodosa, sarcoidosis, or Behçet’s illness. “All systemic illnesses will be difficult by injury to a different organ. For instance, polyarthritis with lung involvement, Gougerot-Sjogren syndrome with lung involvement, lupus with kidney involvement… In different phrases, there will be totally different manifestations for a similar illness“, specifies Professor Aleth Perdriger.

What are essentially the most severe systemic illnesses?

It can’t be mentioned that one systemic illness is extra severe than one other. The severity is determined by the variety of organs affected. As an illustration, lupus illness is most frequently a illness that’s expressed by joint ache and pores and skin lesions, with out main penalties. However you’ll be able to have lupus that’s difficult by kidney injury, and the injury is extra extreme. Extra hardly ever the kidney injury is essential and the illness turns into severe. Polyarthritis alone will be embarrassing and painful, however with good therapy, joint injury will be restricted. When it’s difficult by lung injury, it turns into severe. Completely different organs will be affected in the identical illness“, develops the rheumatologist.

What are the rarest systemic illnesses?

All programs illnesses are uncommon illnesses. Data of those pathologies now makes it attainable to make early diagnoses, with implementation of therapies and most frequently favorable evolution, with out the problems noticed greater than 20 years in the past.“, argue the specialists.

Who’s the systemic illness specialist?

Systemic illnesses don’t belong to a single medical specialty as a result of they have an effect on totally different organs. All specialists will be affected by system illnesses. As an illustration :

  • lupus erythematosus requires contacting a dermatologist,
  • inflammatory myositis at a neurologist,
  • one-sided scleroderma dermato-internist,
  • polyarthritis at one rheumatologist,
  • lupus with easy joint involvement at a rheumatologist,
  • polyarthritis with kidney injury, nephrologist.

The function of the overall practitioner shall be to look at his affected person and ship him to the suitable specialist relying on the injury.

What causes systemic illness?

There are most likely genetic causes.

The causes of systemic illnesses are poorly identified. There most likely exists genetic causes, however very many genes will be concerned, and none has a decisive function. Some environmental elements have been implicated, together with the tobaccopresently acknowledged as an element favoring inflammatory illnesses. The microbiota may very well be concernedhowever once more, no severe leads have been found. Immediately, systemic illness analysis has offered perception into how the immune system malfunctions.” explains the rheumatologist.

Because of Pr Aleth Perdriger, Head of the Rheumatology Division of the College Hospital of Rennes

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