Whatsapp will no longer work on these cell phones from December 31

Whatsapp will no longer work on these cell phones from December 31

Home stretch ! As you probably know, on December 31, many cell phones will no longer be compatible with updates made by the WhatsApp application. For a few months now, the instant messaging platform has been warning its users about this big change, in order to make their arrangements. Perhaps your Smartphone will no longer benefit from this service at the end of the year. Find out which models are affected and how to protect your personal data, if you are on the list.

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The most popular messaging app is set to deliver new updates and new features to users before the end of the year. Unfortunately, due to some incompatible adjustments, some old cell phone models will not be able to benefit from it.

Don’t worry, it is very easy to find out if your Smartphone will no longer have WhatsApp: you just have to enter the “Settings” of your mobile. Next, scroll down and click on “System Information”. Make sure you have a version of Android greater than 4.1.

If you have done this step and your operating system is found to be lower, you can try updating the app. But, if it is definitely no longer compatible, your mobile will no longer be able to use WhatsApp and you will probably have to buy a new device to have the most recent version of the application.

Which cell phones are affected?

  • For Samsung models: Galaxy Core / Trend Lite / Galaxy Ace 2 / Galaxy S3 mini / Galaxy Trend II / Galaxy X cover 2.
  • For LG models: Optimus F7/ Lucid 2 / Enact / Optimus F6 / Optimus L4 II / Optimus L2 II / Optimus F3Q / Optimus F3 / Optimus L7 Dual / Optimus L5 Dual / Optimus L3 II / Optimus F5 / Optimus L5 II / Optimus L3 II Double / Optimus L7II
  • For Huawei models: Ascend D2 / Ascend Mate / Ascend G740.
  • For iPhone models: iPhone 6S / iPhone SE / iPhone 6S Plus.
  • Other mobile phones: ZTE Grand Memo / ZTE V956 – UMI X2 / ZTE Grand S Flex / Sony Xperia M / Lenovo A820.

Among the list of smartphones that will be WhatsApp-free next year are also the Faea F1THL W8, the Wiko Cink Five, the Winko Darknight and the Archos 53 Platinum. There’s still time to switch phones!

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Transferring data from one mobile phone to another is a process perceived as laborious by many users. But, rest assured, there are ways to simplify it. By picking up a new Android device, you will be able to easily and quickly move much of the content saved on the old one.

Technology has evolved a lot. Currently, it is possible to transfer data from an old Android cell phone to a new one within minutes, even if they are from different manufacturers. This way, you won’t lose your contacts, photos, videos, music or other important files.

What is the procedure for performing the data transfer? You need to download “dr.fone” software on your computer (it is available for Windows and Mac). It is a complete solution for backing up your data. Indeed, it allows you to copy different types of files from one mobile phone to another, such as call logs, SMS, photos, music and much more.

Good to know : it is important to note that the transfer time will mainly depend on the amount of information you want to migrate to the new model. If you plan to transfer a lot of data, in addition to the process which itself takes time, your new Smartphone will also need to have sufficient storage memory to receive all the files.

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