Why it is vital to not lose muscle mass: suggestions for sustaining it every day

Why it is vital to not lose muscle mass: suggestions for sustaining it every day


We stay in a really sedentary society. Muscle mass, which we do not often take into consideration, is extra vital than we expect to our well being, particularly as we age.

Infosalus interviews Dr. Fernando Serrano, head of the rehabilitation service on the College Hospital of Móstoles. (Group of Madrid), and Nationwide Triathlon Coach, an knowledgeable within the topic.

As he explains, pMuscle mass is outlined as the amount represented by all of the physique tissues comparable to the muscleMuscle mass varies all through life with age, growing till age 25, kind of stabilizing between age 30 and 35, and from that age is often misplaced between 3 and eight% per decade. From the age of fifty, the loss is important, and it accelerates way more from the age of 70.


Why does it lower with age? This specialist mentions a number of causes, the primary of which is the lower in metabolism, that’s to say that “… the metabolism of the physique decreases with age”.the gear of physique life“and in addition the formation of proteins.

Second, it signifies that the flexibility of blood vessels to ship vitamins and oxygen to muscle cells decreases, “not solely the very important equipment, the metabolism, but additionally the availability community are diminished”. On the similar time, he factors out that through the years, hormonal alterations additionally seem that have an effect on the synthesis or formation of proteins.

Fourth, Dr. Serrano mentions the lower within the time we spend in exercise, which results in a lower in neurological, bodily and chemical stimuli (hormonal stimuli lower with age, as a result of hormonal profiles are completely different). ” HAS to all that is added the truth that as we age, we start to pay much less consideration to our food regimen and we’re extra involved about our kids than a 70-year-old grandparent,” he factors out.


The physician from the Hospital Universitario de Móstoles affirms that you will need to keep muscle mass in an effort to keep an important steadiness, each bodily and psychologically and emotionally.

From a musculoskeletal perspective, he claims that muscle groups are the shock absorbers of joints, so if in case you have higher muscle tone, quadriceps for instance, the knee can be extra protected; whereas if in case you have higher muscle tone within the stomach, the lumbar space can be extra protected; “Being extra protected, the joints put on out much less,” explains the physician.

Fernando Serrano additionally maintains that good muscle tone results in a extra energetic or purposeful life: “Hippocrates mentioned that the whole lot that’s maintained, that’s exercised, is maintained; and the whole lot that’s not exercised disappears”.


That’s the reason the pinnacle of the rehabilitation service of the College Hospital of Móstoles considers it essential that everybody has a form of personalised bodily train program, as one cleans oneself, the truth that in our self-care backpack we should always have a easy little train program that we are able to relate to and do at residence..

Inside this, energy work, which is essentially the most particular to muscle mass, he stresses that it performs an vital position: “Energy work doesn’t imply doing heavy a great deal of energy, however it may being what is known as ‘resistance drive’, like opening and shutting the arms ten instances, opening and shutting the elbows ten instances with a one kilo dumbbell, for instance.

He asserts that energy work doesn’t imply doing heavy weights to be ‘slaughtered’, and that he should reserve a component for the trunk, one other for the legs, and one other for the arms.

As you become old, energy work turns into extra vital as a result of endurance work… (the flexibility to carry out an train for a very long time) is related to joint stress that’s felt through the years, and energy work can scale back this joint stress, continues this knowledgeable.

“So through the years, as an alternative of strolling for an hour and a half, you must do 45 minutes of strolling after which half an hour of core, arm and leg workouts. The final complete stays an hour and a half of bodily exercise and our organism will last more, will probably be grateful to us, ”emphasizes Dr. Serrano.

As well as, emphasizes the significance of standard bodily train and recollects that the WHO recommends at the least half-hour a day; He stresses, nevertheless, that it’s all the time essential to personalize it and that there can be individuals who, at a given second, will be capable of do two hours of bodily exercise, and others who will solely be capable of do half -hour.

He additionally considers invisible coaching, i.e. so-called “meals and relaxation”, to be important to ensure that helpful modifications to happen within the physique. On the similar time, he maintains that it’s all the time advisable to seek the advice of a physician earlier than beginning an train program in order that he can provide us his opinion.


Nevertheless, having kind of muscle mass relies on a number of elements, the primary of which is genetics, what we inherit from our dad and mom and grandparents, so there are individuals who have a better muscle growth and others who’ve much less.

Subsequent, clarifies that one other half relies on the kind of work to which the physique is subjectedFor instance, an Ethiopian or Kenyan marathon runner doesn’t have the identical physique as a 100 meter sprinter. The identical Ethiopian athlete with a bodybuilding program can partially enhance his muscle mass”.

He once more evokes vitamin, the place a very good provide of amino acids, precursors of proteins, is important. To ensure that muscle proteins to be synthesized, proteins should be ingested, that are present in milk, fish or meat. In case you observe a low-protein food regimen, will probably be very troublesome for the physique to synthesize proteins,” warns Dr. Serrano.


The way to strengthen and protect it? Lastly, the pinnacle of the Rehabilitation Service of the College Hospital of Móstoles offers the next info the next suggestions:

1.- Each day we should be conscious that we should perform a program of bodily workouts, with part of resistance, one other of elasticity and one other of energy.

2. the drive half needs to be work there, Aside from what we do by way of resistance or stretching, a lifetime of fitness center work will make our joints extra protected and the drop in muscle mass can be extra mitigated than if we do not:

Trunk : Lie on a mat along with your legs semi-bent on a beanbag, or such as you’re sunbathing on the seashore to align your backbone in your sleep, and do tremendous mushy sit-ups.

Weapons : like push-ups towards the wall; you may also do bicep workouts with a dumbbell, ten instances, and repeat two or thrice.

-Legs : seated on a chair or an armchair, you might have your knee bent and also you stretch it and maintain it for five seconds, and also you repeat it ten instances; as soon as seated, you do a form of reverse squat; you then rise up and stand in entrance of a wall, 20 centimeters away, put your arms on the wall and tiptoe up and down, and on this method we work the calf muscle groups.

3.- On the degree of vitamin the Mediterranean food regimen should be adopted, two or three days every week, not forgetting to incorporate proteins, which will be animal, “the meat that’s greatest suited is chicken, or fish”.

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