William and Harry: the return of “never complain, never explain”

William and Harry: the return of “never complain, never explain”

The monarchy, which has many aces up its sleeve, remains unmoved by the onslaught of the younger prince.

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VSFaced with serious accusations from Prince Harry, British royalty resorted to the famous remark of Disraeli, Queen Victoria’s favorite prime minister, in the 19th century, Never complain, never justify (never complain, never justify yourself). Since the “leaks” on the content of the memoirs of the Duke of Sussex, “Spare” (The Substitute), very damaging to the monarchical institution, the Palace has been absent subscribers. In fact, in the most serious crisis that has hit the monarchy for three decades, King Charles III as well as Prince William of Wales are following the advice of their father and grandfather, Prince Philip, a former Royal Navy officer, and follower of the harsh rules of the sea: “In the middle of a storm, we close the hatches, we retract the sail and we cloister ourselves at the bottom of the boat while waiting for it to pass. »

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