Windows 11 Build 25262 confirms the existence of Moment 3 and 4 updates

Windows 11 Build 25262 confirms the existence of Moment 3 and 4 updates

Since the launch of Windows 11 it is said that Microsoft has adopted a new release schedule. The firm plans to release a new version of Windows every three years.

This deadline is actually not a novelty since it has already been used at the time of Windows Vista and Windows 7. However, there is no question of leaving Windows 11 as it is during this period. Clearly while waiting for the next step, the operating system will evolve, improve and enrich itself. This delicate mission is entrusted to Moment updates and certain “features” updates.

Windows 11, several Moment updates are planned

In the immediate term, the next appointment would be given in 2023 and more particularly during the second half of the year with the publication of Windows 11 23H2 based on the current version 22H2. Microsoft uses cumulative updates to deliver new features to production from the DEV channel.

Windows 11 22H2 also known as Windows 11 2022 Update has already benefited from a first “big update” with the arrival of the Moment 1 update. It has enabled several new features including support for tabs by the file explorer. We know the firm has more “Moment” updates planned.

Windows 11 and Moment Updates, a timeline draws up to Windows 12

If Moment 2 promises to be a “major” update, Moment 3 and 4 present themselves for the moment as “smaller” and less rich. In any case, this little world will have the mission of bringing new features and enriching the OS with new features.

The latest build of Windows 11, Build 25262 refers to

  • Moment 3 -> Test ID – MTestUx14,
  • Moment 4 -> Test ID – MTestUx15.

If you want to test out some of the upcoming releases first, you need to sign up for the Windows Insider program. Be careful all the same in the case of the DEV channel, Windows 11 is not stable enough to be able to be used on a production PC. Finally, concerning the nature of these next novelties, everything is very mysterious. Microsoft offers no roadmap to get a sense of where Windows development is headed.

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