World Eternal Online invites you to its Open Alpha

World Eternal Online invites you to its Open Alpha

If you are a fan of cooperative sandbox MMORPG games with endless adventures to undertake, towns to build and rival towns to attack, then Core Loop has a game for you, Eternal World Online.

You can join the Open Alpha now. This access will give players the rare opportunity to be one of the first to experience what will ultimately be an immersive intended next-gen cooperative MMO gaming experience, with factions, raids, dungeons, control territories, a player-driven economy, and more.

With its dynamic world and ever-changing landscape, filled with evolving areas and new dungeons, bases and events, the Open Alpha version of World Eternal Online is sure to try to entertain you, and help you shape its future. and save the world from Althea.

The world of Althea is a strange and wonderful place, but every 100 centuries a horde of demons invades the world, determined to destroy it utterly. Legend has it that the last time the demons attacked, they were defeated by an unprecedented alliance of five factions of heroes.

10,000 years have passed, and what had become a legend is now a reality. The hordes are back, stronger than ever, and this time they’ve breached the world, shattering space and time as they swept through the world, causing utter chaos. Our brave heroes have driven the invaders back to an unknown continent, where they are waging war right now. This region is known as the Lands of the Beyond, but our heroes urgently need your help.

Come join the heroes in endless adventures and battles that you can take part in and share with your friends. You can choose to engage in PvP battles or challenge yourself to build your city and defend it against opposing forces eager to wage war.

World Eternal Online offers GamePass for players to purchase in-game packs filled with digital items and currency, access to World Eternal Online VIP features, and other unannounced future benefits. GamePass has another unique feature, which is 100% optional for the player. Players can decide if they want to turn their GamePass into a limited edition digital collectible, allowing them to own, sell, or trade their items!

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