WWE is very interested in an NJPW wrestler

WWE is very interested in an NJPW wrestler

In recent days, the eyes of the wrestling world have been on Japan between the presence of Shinsuke Nakamura in NOAH for a match against Great Muta or Karl Anderson in NJPW against Tama Tonga, passing by the return of Kenny Omega in NJPW and the debut of Mercedes Moné (formerly Sasha Banks in WWE).

Today Fightful tells us about a wrestler currently under contract with NJPW who would be of interest to WWE and he’s not one that many might believe.

We learn that several senior WWE officials have expressed interest internally in Hikuleo and that wouldn’t be new, as he has been talked about within the Stamford Federation for several months already.

A news that is very interesting, because during New Year Dash yesterday, Hikuleo was attacked by Jay White who challenged him for a match with a stipulation where the loser must leave Japan. It should be noted that no confirmation concerning an effective contact, but many believe that messages could have been transmitted as for Dragon, with intermediaries like Finn Balor who helped to bring in the Mexican wrestler.

Hikuleo is someone very physically imposing with his 2.03 meters and he trained within the Team 3D Academy as well as at the NJPW Dojo and that of Bad Luck Fale. He is the brother of Tama Tonga and nephew of King Haku, who adopted him.

Fightful ends by stating that there is no indication that the Loser Leaves Japan match is related to Hikuleo’s departure.

Photo credit: NJPW

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